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24 Mar 2018 3 0

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Altar Tattoo Bali At Bali Tattoo Expo 2017

09 Aug 2017 6 0

Altar Tattoo Bali At Bali Tattoo Expo 2017


Bali Tattoo Expo 2017



Bali, Indonesian Island of Gods often hosts different kind of events. It offers cultural, musical and artistic experiences which satisfy majority of local residents and tourists coming here to enjoy the island vibe.

One of the leading events happening this year was the biggest international tattoo convention - Bali Tattoo Expo 2017. It held place in Bali Creative Industry Centre on 12 – 14th of May. Event was organized by Magic Ink Magazine, a magazine with a focus on lifestyle, community and tattoos of Indonesia.

Bali is a strategic place to organize this kind of event, many tourists visit the island looking for high quality tattoos in Bali with reasonable prices. That’s exactly why the tattoo scene has been booming here for last couple of years.


Bali Tattoo Expo 2017 was the first event ever of this kind lasting for 3 days, the competition started on Friday until Sunday. Before year 2017 all the contests in Bali lasted only 2 days.

Tattoo Expo hosted approximately 120 up to 150 participants distributed over 88 tattoo booths. Artists were coming from Bali, outside of Bali from different parts of Indonesia, moreover there was an international representation from Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Denmark, Russia and America.

Besides tattoo booths at the contest, visitors could find a community booth, barber shop, tattoo supplies, food corner. Even life music was playing an important part during the evening hours.

Altar Tattoo Bali Studio has been on the Balinese tattoo scene for several years. Certainly, we couldn’t have missed this event of 2017!

Our studio was represented by Altar, Lyra, Viona and Asep. Our artists’ great strengths are Dotwork, Linework Blackwork and also Traditional Hand poke and Hand tapping Tattoos.

Ezy has won the 2nd prize, Viona was placed amongst top 10 artists. Such a great success for this international Tattoo Expo 2017.


We are hoping to see and be part of similar events like this in Bali.

And definitely, see you on the Bali Tattoo Expo 2018!




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08 Aug 2017 2 0


Introduction - Altar Tattoo

An Ode to Black Tattoo Art


Dotwork tattoos are one of the most complicated styles. Every year, there is an increasing demand for this unique and artistic style. Nowadays, tattooing doesn’t get boring at all.

As the name implies, dotwork means tattoos are created with nothing but dots - stippling showcase the slow and precise movements of tattoo machine. Artists use this subtle technique to add a three-dimensional twist to the images. It makes tattoos feel alive.

Images usually consist of complicated geometric and symmetrical shapes resulting in impressive forms and designs. 

Soft lines and bold solid lines define the tattoo pattern, however shading created by stippling gives the tattoo a final look.

Primary color used for tattoos is black, or grey, sometimes followed by red ink that gives a high contrast to the drawing.

Altar Tattoo studio, maestro of dotwork in Bali, was established several years ago by Ezy. Since its birth, it has changed few locations. Currently we are residing in our new studio in Canggu, Bali – Altar Tattoo Bali (Google Map). During its existence, the studio has built a great reputation in Bali.

We have astonishing artists in Altar Tattoo.

Ezy, the founder of the studio, originally comes from Bandung. He has been tattooing for over 6 years and has perfectly mastered the dotwork technique. He has built a solid name in Bali when it comes to dotwork tattooing method. People from all over love his attention to detail and stunning style of drawing. Mandalas, geometrical patterns, weird creatures, and conceptual you pick it, definitely recommended.

Lyra, originally grew up in a Jakarta city, however the island vibe has fascinated her and she has moved to Bali to start her tattoo career. Lots of talent, firm hand and plenty of creativity. That’s how we describe this extraordinary chick. Her specialty is realistic dotwork tattoos that would blow anyone’s mind.

Altar tattoo studio offers many options for even the most demanding customers. Spectacular art, high quality tattoos and outstanding International professionalism and hygiene.

It is definitely worth visiting our studio Altar Tattoo while in Bali!







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Preserving All Kind of Black Tattoo Art. Dotwork. Linework. Blackwork. Traditional Handtapping. Traditional Handpoke.




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